Big Government, Free speech, Obama

Religion of Global Warming

Green is good. Fossil fuel is bad. The Earth is getting hotter.This is the mantra which you cannot oppose unless you wish to be labeled a nut. The so called “green” movement is a multi-billion dollar industry which is  followed with a blind faith or the unassuming ignorance of a child. That being said I am an outdoorsman and fully believe in protecting and using our resources responsibly. Hybrid and electric cars are great, so is recycling,however, THE WORLD IS GONNA END scare tactics are ludicrous. 1961 then president Eisenhower warned: “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by federal employment,project allocations, and the power of money is ever present-and is to be gravely regarded. “This is what I have found to be happening today. Our Federal Government is dumping tax dollars into failing green projects, our media outlets are extremely one sided. Rarely will a story or article circulate pointing to the possibility that just maybe the earths natural cycle and water vapor are the true champions of “global warming”.  The last decade has been on a cooling trend, last 100 years a .06 degree rise in temps. Facts are facts, water vapor , not machine produced Co2, is the chief factor in our climate. Global warming,climate change, holes in the o-zone and melting ice caps. These are the ever evolving terms which to me, point to a government wanting and getting more ability to spend,control and support causes which line their, and their constituents pockets. What do you think?

Free speech

Labels and free speech

I have opinions, you have opinions, yet they are often not expressed and discussed in public. Why should this matter? Well I believe open public discussion is life’s  sifter for the truth.We are too afraid to offend and/or be labeled causing a Stagnant pool of beliefs and ideas.True we have social media which conveys our thoughts but it is in person ,I believe ,we need more prose.Many important events occur and pass by which can and will effect our family’s, community’s and country with very little back and forth face to face discussion. I want to be fully informed and the best way to do that is going into a discussion with as much solid information as you can. Now hopefully the fearless counter point is there to bounce and shape ideas off of, which is in my experience ,fairly uncommon. I’m not calling for a pissing ,spitting or screaming match, simply drop the labeling, talk open and honestly,hear and contemplate the opposing view and form a rational opinion.The Daily Show,MSNBC, and Fox News should not be as close as we get to the truth of any issue.