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Crime Not Color

The death of Eric Garner is a tragedy. Any loss of human life should give at the least, a moment of pause and reflection on that life and those whom he or she may have impacted. Empathy is an emotion we all should embrace from time to time. This emotional train however, can derail if left unchecked, and in turn needs a good dose of logic and reasoning. As of late the latter of these traits seem to be missing. The masses are condemning the police officer who performed a take down move on Mr.Garner to arrest him. Eric Garner was going to be arrested that day, and he resisted, resulting in the need for force. Would the “choke hold ” have killed another man without the multiple pre-existing medical issues Mr. Garner was suffering from? What other means of force should have been used to subdue Eric Garner? Tazer/pepper spray? Could this have killed him as well? Enforcement of laws that our politicians craft are the police officers job, and no doubt an unbelievably tough one . I agree that training, techniques and various operational particulars should be looked at by all police force members across the nation. I do not agree, however, that race had anything to do with the death of Eric Garner or Michael Brown. If crimes are committed or are more prevalent, in a certain area, or by a certain complected person, then of course the cases that end tragically will involve people from that area or with that complexion. (Not to mention the thousands that end badly with people of a fairer skin) The protests around the country displaying signs touting “black lives matter” and “stop white oppression” could have a less divisive and more positive impact, if the focus was on stopping the degradation of our cities, and promoting family values that once were commonplace across the nation. Again , crime is the issue, not color.


2 thoughts on “Crime Not Color

  1. Linds says:

    Well said Beezernoid! It’s important for people to understand that the majority of these demonstrations across the nation are calculated, well coordinated efforts by groups that want nothing but to stir the pot. Did you know many demonstrators are PAID?! It may be fair to say that the protester’s last contact with law enforcement was probably on their 4th grade field trip to the local PD, so how much do they really know about this ‘oppression’?

    That said, I may be labeled ‘racist’ for stating statistics, and that’s the problem. Today everyone is looking to be ‘offended’ by something so they can slap on a label, but they don’t seem to be interested in the facts, and where the issue begins. Before the 60’s the amount of children raised in one-parent homes was very low, as was crime. Then we started paying women to have babies. Now over 50% of black homes and 40% of white homes are one-parent. Is that any coincidence that crime has risen so much in the inner city, when basic family values are not taught? It’s no secret that a child raised with two parents (no matter where they live) is much less likely to be involved in a life of crime. A dad teaching his son a simple lesson of “You follow the law, and when an officer tells you to stop, you DO IT” can go a loooong way! That is NOT to discount single parents, because there are so many doing an absolutely excellent job on their own, and making sacrifices we can’t imagine.

    Another ignored stat is the amount of deaths by police officers every year, and what the demographic REALLY is. Between 2003-2009 42% of the TOTAL (4,813) police related deaths were white, 32% black, 20% hispanic. In that time period, of the millions of arrests every year only about 400 deaths per year were a direct result of police officer’s actions (most classified justifiable), the other deaths were natural causes, intoxication, suicide, etc.. Once you break that all down, how on earth can we still be shouting racism? Let’s not forget that as of today, 108 police officers have been killed this year already.

    This is not a gun issue, a police issue, a race issue, a class issue… This is a family structure issue. A breakdown of the threads of society and morality. It’s time for everyone to stop being afraid to offend, or looking to be offended, and have REAL conversations about this. “Hands up don’t shoot” was created from a false narrative and is being used to spew hatred and seek further division, it’s time to look at the real story.

    • Thanks for the response! No doubt that the facts and figures are mainly reported with the ultra progressive slant attached to them. I would hope the lack of true open and honest discussion on what ails our nation will eventually become so absurd people will HAVE to explore the true issues at hand.

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