Free speech

Crime Not Color

The death of Eric Garner is a tragedy. Any loss of human life should give at the least, a moment of pause and reflection on that life and those whom he or she may have impacted. Empathy is an emotion we all should embrace from time to time. This emotional train however, can derail if left unchecked, and in turn needs a good dose of logic and reasoning. As of late the latter of these traits seem to be missing. The masses are condemning the police officer who performed a take down move on Mr.Garner to arrest him. Eric Garner was going to be arrested that day, and he resisted, resulting in the need for force. Would the “choke hold ” have killed another man without the multiple pre-existing medical issues Mr. Garner was suffering from? What other means of force should have been used to subdue Eric Garner? Tazer/pepper spray? Could this have killed him as well? Enforcement of laws that our politicians craft are the police officers job, and no doubt an unbelievably tough one . I agree that training, techniques and various operational particulars should be looked at by all police force members across the nation. I do not agree, however, that race had anything to do with the death of Eric Garner or Michael Brown. If crimes are committed or are more prevalent, in a certain area, or by a certain complected person, then of course the cases that end tragically will involve people from that area or with that complexion. (Not to mention the thousands that end badly with people of a fairer skin) The protests around the country displaying signs touting “black lives matter” and “stop white oppression” could have a less divisive and more positive impact, if the focus was on stopping the degradation of our cities, and promoting family values that once were commonplace across the nation. Again , crime is the issue, not color.