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Mandela, man with a mission

Nelson Mandela is a hero to many, that is for certain. But should he be lifted and portrayed as a peaceful shining example of success and equality? The media by in large is pandering  to people’s desire to embrace him as such. Barrack of course would be top on the list of  proponents to Mandela this is what I would expect. However there are two sides of the story and turning the other cheek seems to be the status quo here.Rather than speak out against human rights violations for the people of Indonesia under Suharto or  Libyans under Gaddafi, he gave them a firm handshake. Now that may sound benign but taken into consideration his violent past, it is just too much to give him the title of a “peace loving man.” As  the leader of the ANC Mandela allowed or oversaw bombings and shootings of  hundereds of innocent civilians. This is an ugly side that truley needs to be recognized  and not ignored. South Africa is a now an extremely dangerous place for people of fair colored skin, murders and anti-white sentiment abound. Is that the end product of this peace loving mans mission? 


2 thoughts on “Mandela, man with a mission

  1. Too often these public figures are the craftwork of people behind the scenes painting an image. The Mandela before his prison time was a very different man than that created for public consumption later.

    On the other side of it, his death gives people the chance to analyze his life in detail, and many people are seeing that the details aren’t so pretty (even if they are the exception to the rule).

    Historians who centuries from now no longer have a stake in his world will hopefully judge his end product more accurately. Hopefully.

    • Thank you again for your comment Janus. Yes hopefully the full story is available and not completely erased by the endless progressive re-writes of history. The “non-bias” neo-commie media and public educators seem to get more defiant in their acceptance of current facts and make them non-issues well before they hit the history books. I believe president Obama is a current case study in this process of “fact brooming.”

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